About Lilit Soghomonyan

Born in Yerevan, Armenia.
1985 – 1991 Fine Arts and Drama Institute, Yerevan, Armenia
1992 Member of Artist’s Union, Yerevan, Armenia
** Solo Exhibitions**
2014 St. John Armenian Church, San-Francisco, USA
2012 Modern Art Museum of Armenia
2008 Cultural Center “Pokrovskievorota”, Moscow, Russia
2004 Gevorgyan Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
2000 Artists’ Museum, Washington, DC, USA
1992 Gallery Kreishaus, Hofheim, Germany
Group Exhibitions
2018 XIth International Exhibition of Armenian Artists, Lion, France
2016 "Look at our memories" at the National Center for the Memory of Armenia, Lion, France
2016 Exhibition Hall of the House of Culture, Lloret de Mar
2016 25th Anniversary of AUA Art Exhibition, “A Quarter Century. A Salute to Education” Antikyan Gallery, Yerevan
2016 Art Beyond Time, Arame Art Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
2016 Exhibition of Artists of Armenia, within the framework of the Days of Culture of the Republic of Armenia in Belarus, Mikhail Savitsky Art Gallery, Minsk
2015 “Inner Lighthouse”, Arame Art Gallery, Beirut Souks, Lebanon
2015 Armenian Masters of Contemporary Art by Arame Gallery, Silvana Gallery, LA, USA
2015 “Eastern European art“Wilhelm-Kempf-Haus, Wiesbaden-Naurod, Germany
2014 Third Annual Armenian Art Exhibition in Las Vegas, USA
2014, 2012, 2011, 2006, 1999, 1996, 1995 Kristian Zais Hall, Wiesbaden, Germany
2013, 1991 “Der Weg ins Licht”, KreishausHofheim, Germani
2013 Contemporary Armenian Art, AGBU Pasadena, CA. USA
2012 “Two Perspectives”, Hamazgayin, Lucy Tutunjian, Art Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
2012 40th anniversary of Museum founding, Modern Art Museum of Armenia
2012 “Symphony of Colors”, Arame Art Gallery, Souk Beirut, Lebanon
2012 “ArtistiArmeni a Scafati”, Scafati, Italy
2012, 2011 Abrahamian Art Center, Yerevan
2011 “Palette of Independence”, National Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
2011 “Art from East to West”, HofheimRathaus, Germany
2010 Casteldell’Ovo, Naples, Castle “de`Lagonesse”, Montemiletto, Italy
2009 “Armeni”, Cultural Center "IL Ramo d'Օro" Napoli, Italy
2008 “Generation Freedom", Inter Art Gallery, Armenia Fund USA, New York, USA
2007 ”9 contemporary Artists from Armenia, A.G.B.U Pasadena, CA, USA
2007 “Colors of Armenia” A.G.B.U, Damascus, G. Gulbenkiancentre, Aleppo Syria
2006 “Meeting”, German, Georgian and Armenian artist, National Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
2006 “Colors of Armenia”, The Year of RA in Russia, “ИВЭСЭП” hall, St. Peters-burg, Russia
2006 Abdalla Al-Salem Hall, National Culture Center of Kuwait
2005, 2004 “ART CAUCASUS”, International Art Expo, Tbilisi, Georgia
2002 Creative Partners Gallery, Washington, USA
2000 Claudine Hall, Zurich, Switzerland
1997, 1992 Cultural Foundation, Abu-Dhabi, UAE
1994 Artist’s Central House, Moscow, Russia
1993 UNESCO, Paris, France
1993 Goethe Institute, Frankfurt, State Museum, Stade, Germany
1989 Armenian Cultural Center, Moscow, Russia
**Collections: National Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
Modern Art Museum Yerevan, Armenia